Aimee Louw is a writer, activist, filmmaker, and radio host. She is a MA Media Studies student under the supervision of Dr. Kim Sawchuk, and is the recipient of a 2016 SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s Program scholarship and 2016 Ethnic Studies and Social Diversity Fellowship award. Her media practice spans topics of accessibility, disability justice, sexuality, and feminism. In recent years, Aimee has been a part of the growing accessibility advocacy community in Montreal, Canada, focusing on accessible transit and cultural spaces. Aimee directs the series, Underwater City Project, which documents through writing and video, personal experiences of ableism and accessibility in five Canadian cities. Aimee’s time as co-coordinator of the Critical Disability Studies Working Group from 2014-2016 informs her community-driven research. Her current research-creation explores the connections and intersections of anti-colonialism and accessibility in Canada through video storytelling.