Artist Talk and Bacterial Painting Workshop with Nurit Bar-Shai

Biotechnology is a fast growing field with footprints in every aspect of our lives. Engineering and manipulating life itself is not that far-fetched these days, and the technology to read and write DNA is cheaper and more accessible. This new biotechnology revolution allows artists and citizen scientists to tinker with the living world. Nurit Bar-Shai, artist and cofounder of Genspace, the first community biotech lab, talked about her artwork practice using biological systems, her collaborations with scientist and the rise of citizen science labs and DIYbio culture.

Bar-Shai is an interdisciplinary artist who works at the intersection of art, science and technology. She is the co-founder of Genspace NYC, a community biotech lab in Brooklyn, NY. As an artist and educator working with biological systems, she conducts experiments through creative collaborative inquiries and addresses the ethics and the emerging practices of Do-It-Yourself Biology and citizen science. Her artwork looks into microbial social networks and communication systems, collective collaboration, emergence, Soft-Genetic Modification and biomaterial fabrication.

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Upcoming talk with Kathy High: Waste Matters – You Are My Future


Join us in room EV 11.705 (Milieux Resource Room) on Wednesday, November 2 at 5pm for Waste Matters – You Are My Future artist talk and reception with Kathy High.

KATHY HIGH (USA) is an interdisciplinary artist working in the areas of technology, science, speculative fiction and art. She produces videos and installations posing queer and feminist inquiries into areas of medicine/bio-science, and animal/interspecies collaborations. She hosts bio/ecology+art workshops and is creating an urban nature center in North Troy (NATURE Lab) with media organization The Sanctuary for Independent Media. High is Professor of Video and New Media in the Department of Arts, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. She teaches documentary and experimental digital video production, history and theory, as well as biological arts.

For more information about Kathy High, visit her website, here.

All are welcome to attend.